Fear of bloody shins and battle scars? Well, they may look cool but believe us, it’s better without them. Oh, and ugly boring sport socks? Sounds familiar? Ditch them!

The ultimate solution is here… Crossfeet training socks!

These socks will get you properly suited up and ready to face the challenges ahead fearlessly.
  • Shin Protection

    Signature ShinGUARD layer protects shins from abrasions and impact from weightlifting or rope-climbing

  • Compression Support

    Compression arch support promotes better blood flow and circulation

  • Moisture Wicking

    Keeps feet dry and cool 

  • Stretchable Cuffs & Anti-Slip

    Fits snuggly to make sure no slips while working out

  • Cushioned Heel & Toe

    Anti-Blister cushioning for maximum protection and comfort

  • Anatomically L/R Shaped

    For proper balance and comfort